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Steel pole tour in wooden box

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Steel pole tour in wooden box

Reference : 1766-B
Swiss made Top seller
In wooden case.
Headstock, right hand
Drilling tailstock
Fixed tailstock (2x)
Swing over hand rest with 2 T-rests
Bed, length 325 mm
Gap bed, length 275 mm
2 feet, with key, No 10-A
Slide-rest, with cutter
Milling attachment
Grinding attachment
Divided plate
Ø 160 mm
3-jaw self centring chuck
Universal self centring chuck
3-jaw face place
Wood screw chuck, with tapered thread
Set of 40 split chucks
(See page No 5040 L)
Set of 10 crown chucks
Set of 5 step chucks
Set of 5 ring step chucks
Box chuck with 8 clamping-screws
Grinding wheel holder
Milling cutter holder
Jacob's chuck
5 brass wax chucks, with steel adaptor
Carrier chuck
Universal runner
(See page No 5040 Q)
Centring plate with 10 tapered holes
Jacot drum with 18 grooves,
0,35 to 1,40 mm
Combined runner, with slide
Stake holder runner, with 10 stakes
Set of 2 stake-holders
Roller rest
Saw table
Tool post
Drilling table
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